Top Roping in Atlantis

**Update 4/17/17 – Everyone who’s attending this meetup: Please be advised that the Atlantis area is owned by the Resolution Mining Company. An agreement exists between climbers and the company that in order to use their land for our recreational purposes, we must sign a waiver of liability. If you haven’t yet, please follow the link below and sign the waiver. Then, either print it out or have a digital copy accessible on your person when we go climbing. By following these rules we can help keep good relations with the RMC and keep climbing in the Queen Creek Canyon. Thanks everyone! **

Waiver link:

Leads: Chris Adams, David Anderson

Climbers: 15 Climbers

The location: (

Atlantis is a beautiful, shady, alcove just off the highway in Queen Creek Canyon. The approach is short but steep and precarious with lots of loose rock. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes with ankle support if you need it. Trekking poles or a walking stick are not necessary but can be useful. Leave the flip flops at home.

Description: Come join us for a day of top roping in the the shady Canyon of Atlantis. We’ll be setting up several routes between 5.7 and 5.10. Climbing starts at 9:00. We’ll wrap up climbing around 3ish. You can climb as little or as much as you like. You are required to have solid belay technique.

What to bring:

Lunch/snacks/ water (2- 4 liters)

sunscreen, protective layers, a hat

Any other personal items you might need.

Climbing equipment MUST HAVE! : Helmet, Shoes, harness, belay device, chalk bag/chalk, personal anchor, locking carabiners


The Meeting:We’ll meet at the Starbucks parking lot at Stapley (Cooper) Just south of U.S. 60 at 6:45am to consolidate vehicles. We leave promptly at 7:00 so please be on time. If you live east of this location, know the pullout for Atlantis, and want to meet us there you’re welcome to do that too. We’ll stop for a restroom break in Superior.

DISCLAIMER: Climbing is a personal choice and requires personal responsibility. Climbing and associate activities are dangerous and can result in injury and/or death. Climbing exposes you to risks. Risks are not eliminated by training, or skill. By your participation in any AMC activity or event, you accept and assume any and all risks, including those created by negligence, connected to such activity or event.

If you have to cancel for any reason please try to cancel as early as possible so that other people waiting to go may bump up to your spot. Thank you!

Outing leader information:

Chris Adams 480 577 8452

David Anderson 480 833 4523

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