New Zealand, North Island Tour- Visitors are Welcome!


New Zealand is a small country, similar in size to Great Britain or Japan. With a population of only four million people it is uncrowded to say the least. Consisting of two main islands – the North Island and South Island and many smaller ones in the South Pacific Ocean, this archipelago lies 1,600km (1,000 mi) south east 

of Australia.

The North Island is one of a few places in the world where you can experience mountain vistas, ancient forest, volcanic landscapes and stunning coastline all in one day- while spotting wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Long-time AMC members, Rogil Schroeter and Dave Cameron answered the call for adventure, traveling there this past spring. During this past March, they rented a camper van and drove over 3,000 miles in their month-long visit exploring the island from one tip to the other. Come share in their fun and travels as Rogil presents the highlights of their amazing trip.

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