Climbing “Debut” @ Granite Mtn. | Official AMC Outing

Debut 5.6, Granite Mountain. September 10, 2017

 AMC Outing, Membership Required

Here are two wonderful classic pitches of traditional granite climbing in a beautiful setting on Granite Mountain. This is a full day of hiking and climbing.

If time and weather permits we may be able to do another climb or top rope.

Please read the info and the link below before you put your name on the waiting list. You will need to be screened for your abilities. Remember, this climb requires good weather.

The Climb:

If you can hike about 2 or 3 miles and 1000’ uphill with a 30/35 lb. pack on your back, climb about 300 vertical feet of great granite crack, then walk out, this is for you.

The two pitch climb is called “Debut” and is located on Granite Mountain outside of Prescott.

See the link below:

The last time I climbed this I left Phoenix at 4am, however I may camp this time around, the choice is up to you.

The Yavapai Campground cost $18/night, but there are several other approved and free national forest areas. Check camping info at the bottom of this page.

We’ll meet at the Playa trailhead.  Be ready to hike at 6am sharp. Mountain weather can change quickly so leaving on time is required and necessary. Trailhead Info provided below.

Unless you have a senior pass it costs $5 to park for the day. Envelopes available at trailhead.

Don’t forget to bring $5 in cash as no credit cards or checks are accepted.

Equipment you’ll need:

1.  Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, sun screen, personal items, headlamp, emergency blanket.

2.  Belay/rappel device with autoblock, prussiks, personal anchor, nut tool.

3.  Enough food and water for the day. Bring at least five liters of water.

4.  Layer clothing and rain shell.  Sep 9th Historic Average weather: 84hi/58low, sunny.

5.  A pack large enough to carry all this and a rack or 200’ rope. Pack weight +/-35#.

6.  Extra locking carabiners to carry shoes and water. Some climbers carry an additional small pack (Bullet Pack) for this purpose.

No kidding, it’s quite a hump getting to the base of this climb.

When we interview you we’ll double check your equipment requirements and abilities.


This is not a guided tour. You will be climbing a traditional roped multi-pitch climb and need to have completed basic and anchors training as such. Please know your limitations.


You are responsible for your own safety!

This activity can result in serious injury and/or death. Climbing exposes you to risks.

By your participation in any AMC activity or event, you accept and assume any and all risks, including those created by negligence, connected to such activity or event.

Yavapai Campground link and directions:

Yavapai Campground resides just northwest of the city of Prescott.  See Trailhead details at bottom of page for directions.

If you have time before this trip there is a Ranger Station in Prescott with great maps and friendly help regarding camping.

Prescott Ranger Station, 344 S. Cortez St. Prescott, AZ  928-443-8000.

Free Camping in National Forest, no toilets or water.

Below is info I received at the Ranger Station.  I have driven to each place myself to verify location and time to trailhead. If selected for this climb, contact me for information.

Trailhead Directions:

Come into Prescott on Gurley St and turn right (north) on Montezuma St. Zero your odometer.

After a mile or so Montezuma St. bares left and turns into Whipple St.

Continue to 1.6 where Whipple St. bares right and turns into Iron Springs Rd.

At 4.6 miles turn right on Granite Basin Rd. Continue 6.8 miles past the Yavapai Campground to 8.4 miles and a right turn into Playa Day use area.

It takes 20 minutes to drive from Gurley St. & Montezuma St. to the Trailhead.

From downtown (Gurley St. & Montezuma St.) the Trailhead is 15 to 20 minutes and 8.4 miles.

This is PAVED all the way to the trailhead, so any vehicle is fine. The Ranger told me the gate opens at 6am. Last time we were there it was open at 5:45am.

Park, get an envelope, fill it out, add $5, sign AMC release form, and be ready to hike by 6am.

An outhouse is available, but no water. No phone reception at trailhead, but maybe on climb.

The hike to the base of the climb takes 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s about 1000’ vertical in 2 or 3 miles. 7 total for this outing.

Photo by:  David Anderson

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