Grand Canyon Explorer and Climber Sean Peters

Shifty Gamblers -The vertical mud of the Vermillion Cliffs and rock layers of the Grand Canyon beckon the adventurous climber with endless potential that could keep them hustling for a lifetime.

Not one that has ever enjoyed the sport climbing scene, Sean Peters and friends have sought out these more obscure and strange summits. Peters has been climbing in the Canyon for more than 16 years and has summited over 100 Grand Canyon spires, buttes, mesas, castles, thrones and temples. The approaches and the climbs in the Canyon are often long, difficult, trail-less and water-less. On these remote forays into the endless rock Sean and friends have been lucky enough to bag a first or second ascent on some very obscure summits while never encountering another climbing part on any of their excursions. 

The focus of this presentation will be on a second ascent of Scotty’s Castle, a second ascent of Siddhartha and other completely elusive and secluded summits.  Both ascents were over thirty years after the firsts!

Come join us for lots of shifty rocks and big gambles…. don’t miss the grandest climbing show on earth!

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