1 of 2 Grand Canyon Cleanup Training – Teddy Bear Wall, South Mountain Park

AMC Membership Required

WAITLIST – When you RSVP, you’ll be asked for your full name, email and phone number and assigned to the waitlist.  We are using the waitlist function to verify membership. Individuals who do not respond to the questions when joining the waitlist or do not have current AMC membership may be moved to “Not Going” by the outing leaders.

Trash Rappel Training: A special technique is used for areas that require rappelling. Training in this technique is required for anyone who wishes to “go over the edge” this year. Those who have not taken the training may still help out with other clean-up duties. We won’t be teaching any of these techniques on-site at the Canyon. Please bring all the technical equipment listed below to the training session.

Suggested Pre-work: Practice basic anchors and converting from rappel to prusik.

*People will be assigned to time slots if the number of participants warrants 2 groups. Watch for an email with your time.

Individual equipment needed for the Cleanup & practice sessions:

· Helmet

· 3 prusiks (4’,6’,10’)

· 1 climbing harness

· 1 rappel device

· 6 locking carabiners

· 1 24” sewn or tied sling (length when tied)

· High top hiking boots (no sandals or open-toed shoes)

· Gloves

· Long pants, long-sleeved shirt

· Sunscreen, lip balm

· Water & lunch

· Whistle

· Auto block (4ft (6mm) cord & locking biner)

· Extra slings and lockers for anchors (in case we run out of club gear) – suggested

Additional information about this event will be provided to registered participants at a later date.

Questions? Contact John Furniss at john.v.furniss@gmail.com

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